Maine School of Masonry receives hand-carved stone, is on TV


AVON — Rich Ciarcia, a board member of the Maine School of Masonry, presented a hand-carved stone that reads “Maine School of Masonry” to the founder of the school, Stephen D. Mitchell in January.

Ciarcia, who meticulously carved the inscription, is a graduate of the school. The monument will be displayed in the entrance of the school and serve as a testament to the craftsmanship the school inspires.

Maine State Rep. Tom Saviello hosted Mitchell on his local Mt. Blue TV show, “Talkin Maine,” to get the word out about what the Maine School of Masonry has to offer students who want to succeed in the craft.

The Historic Restoration and Preservation Program takes students to work on sites listed as National Registered Historic Buildings. Currently these classes are working on restoring Fort Knox near Prospect and the Kennebec Arsenal in Augusta.

For more information about the school, visit

Daniel Wuorio at work repointing at the Kennebec Arsanel copy

Daniel Wuorio is at work repointing at the Kennebec Arsenal.

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