We here at MSM appreciate the opportunity given to us by The Sugarloaf Region Charitable Trust.

The Trust is a private, nonprofit trust, dedicated to improving the quality of life for the communities that make up the Sugarloaf area. The trust provides financial assistance to organizations with nonprofit, tax-exempt status. The goal of this assistance is to encourage the growth in existing human service and cultural organizations and to develop new organizations that will involve and improve the Sugarloaf area.

The Trust was established in early 1984, when the employees of Sugarloaf Mountain Corporation began contributing on a volunteer basis to the Trust through a payroll deduction program. These contributions were, and continue to be, matched by Sugarloaf Mountain Corporation. Additionally, proceeds from the annual Sugarloaf Marathon and Winterkids Downhill 24 are contributed to the Trust. The Trust currently donates more than $44,000 into the community each year.

Donations were made to the following organizations in 2017:

• Kingfield POPS
• Flagstaff RSU – Stratton School
• Kingfield Elementary School
• Phillips Public Library
• Webster Library
• Western Maine Center for Children
• Rangeley Lakes Region Historical Society
• Town of Carrabassett Valley Rec Dept
• Stratton/Eustis Food Bank
• Stratton/Eustis Recreation Program
• Town of Kingfield, Bike Trails
• United Way of the Tri Valley Area
• Maine School of Masonry
• New Portland Community Library


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