In Maine, mill closures have become all too regular. Big retail chains are also leaving the state, at alarming rates. Automation is throwing good workers out of jobs, all across the country. Masonry is a skill that cannot be outsourced and we encourage everyone interested to apply.

As a non-profit 501(c)3 private school we have been able to help Veterans through government programs. We’d like to help more.

The art of masonry is tragically becoming a lost skill in a time when the demand for masons is incredibly high as many historic sites are crumbling. Please help us raise funds for scholarships.

The need to help those who cannot manage the tuition has never been greater. Last year 11 people couldn’t attend the school due to financial constraints. Help us fund future craftsmen who are learning to preserve our National Heritage!


Maine School of Masonry Sweatshirt

To help build the Maine School of Masonry’s Scholarship Fund, we’ll send you this sweatshirt with our unique logo on it if you donate at least $55.00. Your tax deductible donation will help students achieve their potential in masonry. Please email us – – your address and size when you pay. Thank you!


We’ve started a scholarship fund so that anyone with the desire, ability and determination to become skilled in the art of masonry can at the Maine School of Masonry.

Please, donate now to our scholarship fund, or make a payment for school fees.

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If you’d like to donate but don’t wish to receive a sweatshirt as our thank you, or need to make a school fee payment please use the above link.

Scholarships ensure every student with the promise and desire to be trained in masonry will get the opportunity at Maine Masonry School. Thank you!!