In Maine mill closures have become all too regular. Big retail chains are also leaving the state, at alarming rates. Automation is throwing good workers out of jobs, all across the country.

Masonry is a skill that cannot be outsourced and we encourage everyone interested to apply.

As a non-profit 501(c)3 private school we have been able to help Veterans through government programs. Full benefits are available, please enquire.

Currently, scholarships are available for the Restoration courses to Alumni of Maine School of Masonry Graduates.

We’d like to help more.

The art of masonry should not be lost to automation.

While we keep costs to students at a minimum, the need to help those who cannot manage the tuition is great. On the flip side of the coin, earnings after graduation are beyond belief for many students in rural Maine.

We’ve started a scholarship fund so that anyone with the desire, ability and determination to become skilled in the art of masonry can at the Maine School of Masonry.

Please, donate now.

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