Maine School of Masonry

Maine School of Masonry


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The art of masonry is tragically becoming a lost skill in a time when the demand for masons is incredibly high. The Maine School of Masonry is changing that by teaching new generations in the craftsmanship of masonry.

The country’s only private non-profit masonry school opened its doors in 2005. Since then hundreds of students have learned the fundamentals of laying brick and stone work.

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IMG_2164  “The Maine School of Masonry has great instructors, they really allow students to bring out their creativity and give them the freedom to express themselves. It paves the way for a multitude of career opportunities.”

— Chandler Ellis, class of 2017
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“Maine School of Masonry is the place where you will get a good foundation in the art of masonry.  I was able to apply the knowledge obtained there to complete many jobs that I have done.”
— Karen Freeman, class of 2016

Any graduate will have the skills to start their own masonry business, or they can easily get a high earning job in the business. Masons can earn over $75,000 annually depending on location and type of masonry.

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“The Maine School of Masonry gave me the knowledge and skill I needed to go into business as a Mason. My time at the masonry school was time well spent, I learned so much about masonry and with each project my confidence grew. I am now out in the field doing Masonry as a career. It is a great school!”

— Tyler Kachnovich, class of 2016 – of  T&T Landscape and Masonry

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“Maine School of Masonry gave me more than enough experience and hands on work to confidently lay bricks in the commercial or residential work field.”
— Ian James, class of 2016


“I’ve come along way and have to thank Maine School of Masonry. They weren’t hiring but gave me a shot because of you.  I started working for a company in North Conway 6 years ago and I’m in the process of being part owner now.”

-Josh Taylor, Class of 2011


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